Monday, February 6, 2012

What is dating and its practical problem?

What is dating and its practical problem?

I dont think students have very nice dating when they study in colleges.  I believe girls and boys to have much problem when they meet outside which is called dating?  I want to give some examples here to believe that it was a bad experience for a girl when he expect some special with her boy friend.  He wanted to enjoy himself when they went for a date but she need an excellent and memorable dating.  But the boy only needs her inner things nothing other than that.  

She was shocked by the boy friend after that she avoided to meet him when she was faced that boy.  So I don't think all the boys understand what girls want but they only try to do something what they need.  That all, but girls wanted to enjoy with love and affection nothing other than that.  So Boys should feel free to speak with his girl friend then he can do anything with her permission which might be enjoyable and loving things for all the girls.

Dating is not for bad one but people must understand together to get in to the proper understanding then they can decide their own life before the intercourse.  I suppose to give support to the girls because I can understand what they expect from boys.  So I can vote for them for their feelings and other things always to them.  If you want to understand a girl then you should sacrifice with her for anything then you can tell her what you think?  Then you can win the race always with the girl.  Thanks

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