Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Valentine's Day?

Why Valentine Day? This is not a question to the world to make fun and entertainment with your girl or boy which is enjoyable one for people. I hope it will be getting real experience to a boy or girl who may enjoy the valentine day today.  They should know how to date with the girl or boy then they can celebrate this Valentine's Day because most of the people make it for anything they want it is not beyond the control.  I hope this blog will help you all to make real valentine day.

Why Dating?  Understanding between girl and boy and then they can go out together to share their personal and other interests to make your dating positive then you can enjoy your stay.  Whenever you have misunderstand with your friend then you just say, "Thanks" then quit from the place safely. Otherwise it is creating more problem for both of you.  I understand the love is nothing but understanding and unexpected to be expected in love.  But you should aware of that to know what is going on between you and opponent.

Both should aware your situation then you can adjust with others.  I need to give some details which help you to make real dating with your friend.  If you like a boy or a girl then when you see them just make a smile.  It is more than enough to get the results from them because who need you to say something then they want to watch you closely.  So I just remember this reality to you because it is something better than nothing in love and affection.  So feel free to smile when you see them then you will get results slowly.

After smiling then you start your conversation between both of you which helps you to get results to share your thoughts and ideas.  Why because most of the guys or girls need to say something but they could not.  So you must start to say something before another person start same as you.  So you should make it fast but it should not be identified by them. In Tamil, we have word is something better than nothing should be reached to your opponent to get real results for you.

Love is not an affection because it is a mutual understanding between both of you.  So you just remember it then it will come in to your heart to continue your love.  I just want to say another thing, you must select a girl before you want to say your love because it might be confused you When you see all the girls in the college?  I just want to say something which special for you because love is nothing but the mutual understanding of the people and it is human nature.  So you keep on try to say your love then it will be getting positive results for you.

Valentine Day is not only to say you love and any day you can plan for it then you can follow your lover.  Because you may miss your opponent when you miss to say your love.  I hope it will be help us to say something other than nothing to share your ideas with your close friend who need it.  All the details should not share with other friends because love must be a secret one before you tell your love with your close friend.  I hope you just follow us then the love is following you.  Thanks

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is dating and its practical problem?

What is dating and its practical problem?

I dont think students have very nice dating when they study in colleges.  I believe girls and boys to have much problem when they meet outside which is called dating?  I want to give some examples here to believe that it was a bad experience for a girl when he expect some special with her boy friend.  He wanted to enjoy himself when they went for a date but she need an excellent and memorable dating.  But the boy only needs her inner things nothing other than that.  

She was shocked by the boy friend after that she avoided to meet him when she was faced that boy.  So I don't think all the boys understand what girls want but they only try to do something what they need.  That all, but girls wanted to enjoy with love and affection nothing other than that.  So Boys should feel free to speak with his girl friend then he can do anything with her permission which might be enjoyable and loving things for all the girls.

Dating is not for bad one but people must understand together to get in to the proper understanding then they can decide their own life before the intercourse.  I suppose to give support to the girls because I can understand what they expect from boys.  So I can vote for them for their feelings and other things always to them.  If you want to understand a girl then you should sacrifice with her for anything then you can tell her what you think?  Then you can win the race always with the girl.  Thanks

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Find friends from

I would like to introduce my blog which is having nice opportunity to meet people who is online for dating and chatting in this blog.  I need to get more information about dating online for the people who need it here.  What is dating?  How to make good friendship with grils?  How to find girls for dating?  I will give some tips which is helping the people who need the information about it.

Dating is nothing but to join with your friend to go out to discuss about personal and understanding the both.  When you in dating you should understand the boy or girl who needs your friendship. At the same time, you should measure their activities and interest of the individual person to get the right person fall into love.

I hope people who want to make good friendship which is helping people to improve your understanding and friendship development.  In India, it is new to the teens but they understand what is dating?  They understand now what is dating and it features and they might know what should be done at the time of dating.  Girls are having more fun and entertainment when they go for dating but they have some problem to meet the people.